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Forever Therm (60 tablets)
L.G. (United Kingdom)

Forever Therm (60 tablets)

Great product!

Although I have not yet started my current 9-day C9 cleanse, I have previously used this programme with excellent results. If you stick to it religiously, you can lose several pounds. I have previously lost 13lbs and 9lbs on two occasions but the real benefit is feeling amazing! You sleep better and wake refreshed, your skin glows and you feel energised. Strongly recommend this product and looking forward (yes, really!) to starting my new box after bank holiday weekend. Fingers crossed for a kick start to my wavering weight loss regime!!


Good detox! I’ve used this a few times in the past and always positive. The peach aloe gel makes the programme slightly more pleasant, so would recommend using that option that rather than the original. I’ve lost 7lbs at day 7 and have loads of energy

This does taste nice but didn't give me the weight loss I had hoped for

Great jump start

I have used this C9 before as a kick start to summer weight loss. Swapped the plain aloe for the berry this time and found it much nicer. Still have 4 days to go but lost 7lbs already so it has done the trick again. Reset my taste buds and rebooted my motivation.

great product

I highly recommend it

Aloe Propolis Creme
S.R. (United Kingdom)

Impressed so far but I’ve only been using it for a week so too early to tell it’s effectiveness yet.
Also disappointed to see parabens in the ingredients; I’m always seeking products that are as natural as possible, thanks.

I have not yet started but know that I am going to reap the benefits of taking the aloe vera C9. I have done this before and I do to detox and give myself a push to lose those extra few pounds that have put on over lockdowns. It is an excellent way to feel better and to get back on track.

Clean 9 Family Bundle
L.P. (United Kingdom)
Clean 9

Used several times before. Got amazing results everytime, losing between 9lbs & 1 stone. But it's not just about weightloss! C9 resets your relationship with food and detoxes your system. Absolutely love this product. As for PrimeAloe...I have purchased this product from them a few times and have received a speedy and reliable service everytime.

Forever Bright Toothgel
A.B. (United Kingdom)
Love this toothpaste

Best toothpaste, very helpful and reliable seller. Thank you ever so much. Will order more in a few months.

Clean 9

Absolutely brilliant, feel so much better, wish I could afford to do it once a month, so much more energy and my IBS has been non existent which is all a bonus on top of losing weight. Fast delivery and excellent that I could use clear pay too. Fabulous!!

Forever Aloe Vera Gel
B.K. (United Kingdom)

Forever Aloe Vera Gel


I started the plan with an open mind. And in all honesty I wasn’t expecting the results I got.
I’m so happy. I lost 10lb in 9 days. I followed the plan as directed. The first two days went easier than I thought. I would definitely recommend this plan to anyone.
And it’s something I will definitely do again. I think even if I don’t need to shed weight I would do it just for the fantastic way it makes you feel. I feel cleansed and energised.

Weight loss

Currently on day 2 absolutely starving but looking forward to the end result then I'm going to hit a calorie deficit diet for a month then thinking about closing out with another c9 diet we will see how I get on by the way the aloe Vera gel tastes horrific 🤣🤣 I'd advise getting a flavored one

Clean 9

I’ve used this detox before, the aloe shots aren’t pleasant at all, but at the end of the 9 days u feel great, best detox I’ve tried

Brilliant JUST Brilliant

I love this so much, great kick start to healthy eating! Slight complaint on the pill packaging, quite sharp and cut my fingers so would be careful.

Great product

I lost 4kg I am very happy, I bought second pack I’m hoping to lose more weight .

Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein - Chocolate (375g)


Very good produkt . I am very happy 👍

Forever Living FIT 15 Programme - 15 Day Diet

Hello Again

I have reviewed Gentlemen's Pride aftershave before, hence the title. I have used it for more than ten years as it is soothing and not as strongly scented as other brands. The volume, 118 ml seems odd, why not 125 ml?

Forever Freedom Gel
D.R. (United Kingdom)
Freedom Aloe

Excellent and definitely of good quality. I want to buy more from them.

Great product

Very easy plan to keep up with as it outlines exactly what you need to do day by day. I lost 10 pounds in the 9 days so it’s a great kick start to get me on my journey to continue loosing weight.

Just what I wanted

Great step by step detox, helps get your discipline back and feel great. Cherry on top I lost 6kg.