10 Healthy Routine Tips for Working Women

Staying healthy is the crucial part of everyone's life. However, in our daily routine how much time do we have which is only “ME” time? Well, the answer would be disappointing. So what about women who are not only handling their homes but also zealous to play an active role in the society. Today's women are not only managing their home efficiently but also proving themselves highly competitive as a working lady. However, I want to add here that no doubt we have achieved everything from money to respect in life but what about our health? What about all the sleepless nights, extended work hours, stress and long sitting hours in the office? All these pressures are taking a toll on our health. However, I admit that for us our careers are equally important as our health.

So here the question is how we can attain our health goals along with our busy schedule? Well, in this article I will shed light on the top ten healthy routines which are compulsory to stay healthy in a stressing busy routine.

1. Design your schedule.

The foremost step towards switching to a healthy routine is the setting of a proper timetable. You never miss your appointments with your clients, your friends, and even your spouse so why would you forget to go for exercise? Simply because it is not in your schedule.

So, first of all, you have to make a schedule and squeeze your 30 minutes of exercise into your routine. Moreover, stick to that routine. I admit that initially, it might prove a difficult task but within a short span of time, you get so used to it that you rush to the gym right on time. One thing crucial to setting up of schedule is the determination and dedication to your health. So make a confinement to yourself that you will achieve the goals of healthy routine too. 

2. Prepare your meal

Our lives are in a state of rush. We are juggling with our time, so in such conditions often we skip to make meal at home and depend on the junk food available.

Eating junk food on a regular basis is a big NO. They not only cause obesity but also cause accumulation of toxins within your body. Always try to prepare your meal at home, with healthy ingredients. However, going out with friends on the weekend is not a prohibition. However, for a long weekday prepare healthy and delicious meals at home.

3. Say NO to sugar and caffeine

For working women, a coffee maker is by far the most precious tool. I know that most of working women start their day with a cup of coffee and then throughout the day they repeat the intake for quite a few times. However, here the problem is, too much consumption of caffeine or sugary snacks may make you lag behind in your fitness goals. Too much consumption of these things not only make you feel jittery but also leave you too tired to go for exercise. 

So the next time you think of having a cup to buzz off your afternoon slump, try to take a lively walk in your office. LISTEN there is always a healthy option present alongside an unhealthy one, the task is to choose the right one for yourself.

4. Keep your workout bag with you

So DEAR how many times do you tell yourself that you are going to hit the gym after work and then after reaching home flop down on the couch and change your mind. Well not this time, bring your workout bag along with you to your office. You must be wondering why I am saying this. Well, let's get towards the logical side. Our body does not forget after exercise the fatigue and soreness we feel. 

So whenever we get back home after a long tiring day our body start sending signals to the brain to not to indulge in any muscle consuming work. Bringing your exercise bag to the office will cut the option of going home and then go to the gym and thus make it a bit easy for us to work out on a daily basis. 

5. Take motivation from the friends

Having someone with whom you can go for a workout is a blessing. In this way, you will find someone who will not only motivate you but also held you accountable for not doing it. It is the primary reason behind why the trend is getting popular of having a gym buddy. So if you have a difficult time to motivate yourself to go to the gym then why not to give a buddy system a shot?

Ask your friend if he or she is willing to jog with you, or check within your office if someone else is also having thoughts about changing their lifestyle with a healthy one.

Opt for this option, and you will be amazed as for how much motivation and dedication it will bring into your workout routine.

6. Participate in a fitness challenge

So what is the most striking feature of the stars of your workplace? Well, they are smart, they are hardworking, and also they are competitive. Do you know you need some competition in your life to keep you moving and striving for excellence? You have to be a fighter to make your way up to the success. However, here the confusion is how you can give your personal life a competition?

Well, you can sign up for one. Fitness challenges, obstacle courses, and races always keep on popping in the cities, so get a registration into the one today. TRUST ME this competitiveness will bring even the most reluctant person out for competition.

7. Try out new workouts

I can understand that being a working lady your life would be unpredictable. No matter how much stressful it is but at the end of the day, you may feel accomplished, excited and mentally stimulated.

Well, here the tip is to incorporate such variety into your workout routine. Try out new types of workouts, go for Zumba classes with your friends, or try new fitness hula hooping. The benefit of trying variety is that it will never let your feel bored and tired of your routine.

8. Include vitamins and water in your routine

Although we advocate about eating healthy food, however, the truth is the vegetables and fruits are proving insufficient to supply us all the nutrients. So from where we can fulfill our nutrient intake? Take your vitamin supplements on a regular basis and keep yourself healthy. I hope I do not sound like your mother. Just kidding.

Moreover, one of the highly significant elements of any healthy lifestyle is the intake of water. Water not only keep our body hydrated but also detoxify the harmful toxins and cleanse the body. However, I want to add that in our busy life we give preference to drinks like coffee, shakes, and juices, however, the intake of simple plain water goes unchecked. Have a healthy and fresh skin try to keep your water level balance in your body by taking lots and lots of water during the whole day.

9. Meditation

Although after hearing the word meditation the first work which came to mind to how to find time to sit and do that? Well, before getting into this argument just consider that although we work day and night to make our lives and careers beautiful, we also need some chunk of beauty. So, take out some time in once or twice in a week and meditate by focusing on yourself. It will not only help you distress your mind and body but also relax your body from the stiffness caused by exercise.

10. Eating habits

Even though I have already mentioned the importance of making your meals at home, however, here I just want to add that eating vegetables will give an edge over meaty meals. Meat contains a\extra fatty acids and fewer nutrients, whereas the vegetable contains the equal amount of nutrients along with other weight loss promoting ingredients including fibers. So it is always a healthy option to add vegetables to your routine, it will provide you your required nutrients, clean your body wastes and speed up your metabolism. 

Moreover, along with eating healthy always keep watch on the sizes of your meals. Having giant size meal at one time and skipping for the rest of the not only make your lazy but also prove useless in attaining a healthy routine. So the trick is to eat as much you want but take a small meal at a time. It will help the food to get ingested quickly without putting an extra burden on your stomach.


Stay healthy is not a task but it is part of our life. We have to stay healthy for the sake of ourselves and our loved ones. Our careers are important, but our health is, too. Adopting a healthy routine is not tough but sticking to it is.







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